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Business Neo Progress

NEO Progress is an investment project carried out as an innovative form of investment business.


 NEO Progress allows receiving investors’ money for trust management and investing it in the Forex market. This way the site NEO Progress comes as an effective advertising tool for gaining money to investment funds of NEO Progress, traders and managers of which are engaged in money and trust asset management.
NEO Progress Company hosted it’s site at Dragonara Alliance Ltd. Server location British Virgin Islands, Geneva Place, Waterfront Drive,P. O. Box 3469, Road Town, Tortola. The site is really ready for the long life, the security is on the high level. SSL is presented by Comodo Group and paid till 2012. DDoS Protection provided by Dragonara Alliance Ltd. Registration of the domain name was on 21/10/2010.
The activity of the NEO Progress Company is quite unique. All the funds invested by NEO Progress customers come to PAMM accounts of company’s traders and are managed in accordance with fund strategies selected by investors. By taking all the excess profits as a reward, NEO Progress pays out a stable profit percentage to its investors on a daily basis. By carrying out money management based on high turnover, NEO Progress is a major player that can affect the FOREX market in its region.
Compounding is a very convenient option since you may get profit and think about increase of your income in the future by regulating your compounding percentage. Compounding is an option allowing you to reinvest your profit back to the investment fund to get a higher profit. In NEO Progress you may choose a reinvestment percentage. So for example if you have chosen 50% compounding rate you get half of the profit stated, and the second half will be automatically reinvested to get a higher profit. Everything reinvested is return upon ending of the investment period. So, let’s take a closer look to the investment plans.
There are four investment plans:
  • Impulse – 1.5% daily. Investment Period 30days. Min. investment deposit $10. Maximum $999
  • Weeklee – 1,8% daily. Duration of the plan 60 days. $1000 is a min., $4999 maximal investment.
  • Pulsar – 2.0% daily for 90 days. The minimum investment is $5000 maximal is $29000.
  • Luxer – 2,2 daily. Plan duration is 100 days. Min. investment deposit $30000 maximum – none.
The initial deposit paid back after investment period in all plans.
To make investments in NEO Progress funds, you need to have e-currency. It’s a virtual analogue of electronic money, used by Internet users to conduct financial transactions. To get access to e-currencies, you need to sign up with either Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money payment system and load your account with money. You can do this via bank transfer or Visa, Master Card, American Express cards, Western Union or just in cash in the exchange service working with the above-mentioned payment systems. Once you have e-currencies available on your account, you can make a deposit to NEO Progress. Read more about payment systems on their official sites. There you can find special sections that provide detailed information to beginners on how the system works and how to use e-money.
Electronic currencies is a virtual analogue of real money, used by Internet users to conduct financial business. Everyone can get access to electronic money, it’s quite simple. E-money can be different. NEO Progress Company works with Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.Read more on how to get and buy e-currencies on the official sites of payment systems. E-currencies can be bought in exchange for Western Union transfer or through Visa, Master Card, American Express cards.
main office address:

Enroll now at https://www.neoprogress.com/?ref-NaQz7MQ

miercuri, 17 august 2011

Neo Progress - investeste inteligent

Acum aveti posibilitatea de a investi pe piata Forex prin Neo Progress.

Neo Progress este o companie de tranzactionare si de analiza din diverse fonduri de investitii.
Neo Progress este un proiect de investitii ce permite investitorilor de a primi bani investiti plus un profit substantial.
Neo progress pune la dispozitie sansa de a recomanda afacerea persoanelor care sunt interesate sa intre in companie vei beneficia de 5 % din investitia fiecarui membru.
Compania care deţine siteul neoprogress.com se numeşte NEO FINANCE LIMITED şi
a fost înregistrată în Regatul Unit al Marii Britanii.
De azi puteti sa va plasati banii prin Neo Progress. In acest mod specialisti in domeniul tranzactiilor FOREX tranzactioneaza in locul dvs. iar profitul zilnic pe care-l obtineti este conform planului de investitii de mai jos:


Planuri Perioada Investitie minima Investitie maxima Profit zilnic

1.Impulse 30 zile
-suma investita de la 10$ la 999$ castig 1,5%/zi din suma investita,primirea inapoi a sumei investite la sfarsitul contractului.

2.Progress 60 zile
-suma investita de la 1000$ la 4.999$ castig 1,8%/zi din suma investita, primirea inapoi a sumei investite la sfarsitul contractului.

3.Pulsar 90 zile
-suma investita de la 5000$ la 29.999$ castig 2,0%/zi din suma investita, primirea inapoi a sumei investite la sfarsitul contractului.

4.luxer 100 zile
-suma investita de la 30.000$ la NONE castig 2,2%/zi din suma investita, primirea inapoi a sumei investite la sfarsitul contractului.

Creaza-ti cont gratuit acum pe https://www.neoprogress.com/?ref-NaQz7MQ

Altfel zis daca aveti :
 - 100 $ dupa 30 zile primiti un profit de 55,02$, deci in total 155,02$
- 1000 $ dupa 60 zile primiti un profit de 1423,74$, deci in total 2423,74$
- 5000 $ dupa 90 zile primiti un profit de 9000$, deci in total 14000$
- 30000$ dupa 100 zile primiti un profit de 66000$, deci in total 96000$

Lasati specialistii de la Neo Progress sa tranzactioneze pentru dvs. iar in acest mod cu siguranta veti incasa profitul conform planurilor detaliate mai sus.

detalii la e-mail : neoprogress@yahoo.ro